I'm about 15 days into taking my medication. Armour thyroid. Has anyone experience sensitivity to temperature, specifically heat, and also not feeling able back down and getting dizzy/headache?


Chronic Headache

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  • Flamer


    I take a specially compounded t3/t4, I'm not sure what the t3 and t4 brand is. However, I have hear intolerance to tempos over 73.

  • kittycrime


    This happens to me a lot, if not on a daily basis, especially in summer. I've started keeping ice packs in the freezer and/or dampening my skin and standing or laying under a fan to cool off

  • MysticMama420


    Yep this has been a problem my entire life, I've finally kinda gotten a better handle on it though, I used to have at least 2 dozen heat strokes a summer, but now that I've been more strict with my water consumption it's been better but even still I have to be super careful about how long I stay out in the heat

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