I've been having lots of panic attacks the last few days. I mostly had it under control for awhile. I had a major panic attack that was triggered because I didnt feel right and took my blood pressure which was pretty high for me (around 130/92). I generally have lower blood pressure (110/70). I've been freaking out because on top of that i have migraines with aura which makes me have a little bit of a higher risk for strokes. When i went to the dr the next day it was around 120/80 and the dr said im fine but that is still higher for me. I know it's likely a cycle. The panic attacks raise my bp and then i get nervous and have more panic attacks. any advice on how to break it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • picklepuddles


    I used to go through phases with panic attacks. They are hard suckers to catch in the moment. I've dealt with them since I was 10 or 11. I have all kinds of tips if you wanted to message me. My best tip would be to work with a therapist if you don't already have one. They can help you best to get to the root of it and work with you on coping techniques. The main thing that has worked for me is taking deep breaths when I notice a potential panic attack coming on. Awareness of your body's physical response to stress is helpful in catching a panic attack before it peaks.

  • kiwi_


    my bp is allllways high at the doctors. my dad calls it white coat syndrome, ask them if they could take it again when you’re more calm

  • Kimmiepooh


    I am having a panic attack right now. I'm scared. I know how you feel.

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