I have been having foot pain and very sensitive to touch when I walk, outside of the other issues I've been having in the past. Now lately my feet are very sensitive and they get numb and tingly. I've been to a Rheumatologist, had nerve test done,and everyone says everything is nerve damage. Now they want me to see another specialist thinking it could be small fiber neuropathy. Has anyone experienced this?

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  • NikkiG


    @mychoice yes. I used to have the tingling in my hands and feet when I woke up now not so much anymore because I have been good at managing my flare-ups and inflammation. I do have pain at the top of my feet to wear sometimes it is uncomfortable to have shoes covering them it is great that there is no nerve damage it is just a symptom

    • mychoice


      Thank you...but I am so tired of hearing that it's nothing wrong and everything is fine. I'm just gonna stop looking for answers and hopefully nothing comes up in the future.

  • KenniBear


    I was diagnosed with livedo reticularis and the doctors think I have some sorta auto immune disease that caused it bc of all my pain .I have all of these symptoms and then some. How are ur blood test? Have they looked into auto immune disease yet for u?

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