Hi I get migraines and was wondering what you guys do to get better faster



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  • Kreestale


    Don't look at a screen either tv or phone, lay in a dark room, sometimes take the meds I'm given but I seriously hate taking them.

  • SapleMyrup


    meds, no screens, ice, dark room, sleep

  • Lana52223


    I like to lay down in a cool and dark room. A cold rag over the eyes and temples. If you're into essential oils smelling mint and peppermint also tends to help. Maybe a cup of tea. I tend to stay away from any lights, especially artificial lights.

  • Lana52223


    Also excedrin extra strength 🙌

  • Quippy


    My personal combo is: -take 2 excedrin or at least some Tylenol -have some caffeine (soda/tea works better than coffee for some ppl) I usually get a mini can of Coke or some green tea - take an alkaseltzer tablet (I like the regular or the alkaseltzer gold) and/or have an electrolyte drink on hand - Eat some fats & protein (like a chz stick, eggs, protein shake, uhhh nuggets, anything you can tolerate if you’re nauseous. Tbh just try to get some food in you.) -if sensory surroundings (bright lights, noises, smells, etc.) are making it worse, move to a different location if you can. If not, do your best to adapt (sunglasses will dim the room, earplugs cut out noises, masks block smells) - then, ideally, sleep it off in a dark, quiet room (and maybe take a Benadryl to help sleep) I do as many of these things as I can & then wait it out. I’m prescribed sumatriptan…but I try not to take it unless I really need it, since it’s not great to take it super often…that said, I have a migraine this morning and I work today, so I’m taking EVERYTHING. Haha.

  • Keoki


    Google the Stanton Migraine Protocol. It is an extremely involved, complicated, and restrictive diet, and I’m too sick to follow it to a T, but the small things I’ve done have seemed to help. There is a group you can join on FB.

  • ollywolf


    I go into a dark cool room. Sometimes I will take a hot bath with a ice pack on the back of my head. There are time I will use my diffuser with peppermint and lavender

  • Nan97


    I drink about 20 oz of water as soon as I start to notice one come on and it really helps.

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