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I start work tomorrow at 2, which is typically when I start getting panic attacks, it starts with feeling tired and then goes as far as racing thoughts, tingling, numbness, shortness of breath and could be as severe as losing mercury and having crippling hands. etc..., I take my medicine before that happens but my medicine usually knocks me out. I took it last night and it didn't work so I'm really worried I am going to mess this up. what are some of your coping skills? I am new at this panic attack stuff and haven't found anything other than taking my medicine and taking a nap. still don't have any daily meds as it's been a fail with them so far.

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      Advice From "Alike": "I’ve been through a lot of therapy for my anxiety and panic attacks, as well as sitting in on some of the group therapy talk sessions while I worked as a CNA. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is exercise. It may sound like a lot of work, but taking time for yourself to go on a walk, run, or whatever you like (yoga works for me). During these time of crisis, the best thing you can do is practice breathing (which I did see you mentioned previously); deep inhales through your nose, hold it for 3-5 seconds, then slowly exhale. That’s why I am such a fan of yoga, there’s a lot of breathing techniques involved. Another solution I’ve found with my therapist (which may sound a bit weird) is to get a large bowl, fill it with cold water, add ice even to make it extra cold, take a deep breath, then plunge your face into the cold water in the bowl for about 10 seconds if you can, then lift your head out of the water and slowly exhale. Again, I know it sounds weird, but it oddly works for some people. Taking a hot/cold shower (depending on which you prefer) can also be great and therapeutic." "Practice meditating, so when you have an attack, you can slow your breathing faster" 5-1 Method: 1: In your head say 5 things you can see (open ur eyes for this one lol( 2: Say in your head 4 things you can touch 3: Say in your head 3 things you can hear 2: Say in your head 2 things you can smell 1: In your head say 1 thing say one thing u can taste EDMR: Eyes closed, lights off if u want, door shut And just listen to this until you know what's causing your anxiety Also use headphones if u got them TikTok Playlist: Things I Personally Do: -Journal -Listen to calm/safe music -Talk to someone you trust ( Friends, Parents, Siblings, etc.) -ALWAYS have fidgets on you! -Squish a stress ball to the beat of a positive song -During attacks, have someone watching you, don't isolate yourself! They don't have to talk to you or try to calm you down, but have them make sure you don't do anything impulsive -Move into a confined space (corner, closet, etc.) -Take a walk/ Bike walk to the park or somewhere calming -Have a relaxing hobby that isn't school related or stressful (painting, cooking, etc.) -Cover my ears during an attack so I can hear my breathing -Have sour patch kids or gum w/ me at all times -Spray Pillow Mist Lavender scent on my pillow before bed -Use a slinky to help control breathing. Expand the slinky when you breathe in and collapse it when you breathe out. -Download the "Alike" App A little info about the app: App: Spotify Music Playlist: Spotify Podcast: Pinterest Board: Foods: Sour Candies Brazil Nuts Dark Chocolate Yogurt Green Tea If the attacks are severe or frequent, I would recommend consulting a doctor and be referred to a psychiatrist. They would be able to provide more accurate coping strategies/ solutions.

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