I was wondering if anybody else has trouble not being able to get a vein to start an IV? They have even had to get a vein finder, kinda like an ultrasound, and still can't get it. I have panic attacks and have just got up off the table and walked out. Some say I'm dehydrated. any advice on what to do? I have to go tomorrow for an MRI..


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  • Reallyhopeful


    Listen to your doctors for one thing. Since having 4 boys and 2 miscarriages, my veins are the same way. There are a select few that get it the first time and I don't feel a thing! But, that's only if they listen to me before they stick me. Also, I suggest that you drink plenty of water the day before you have blood drawn, the day of and the day after. Also, ask if they have a vein finder before they stick you. Let them know that your veins are hard to find. I hope that helps make it easier for you next time!

  • Tadha1982


    Get some adult pedialyte. And drink water

  • Venni3


    Yes, me too!! Doctors say it’s wiggly veins and unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it if you have a healthy lifestyle nutrition wise :/ .

  • Whitley


    Thank you all for your replies and advice.. it sure helps your feelings when you see you're not the only one that goes thru this.. Y'all are the best!

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