I thought it had gone away, but I'm starting to feel the same cloudiness that I remember creeping back. I feel like I should be escalating out of the care of a general practitioner, but I don't know what I should be looking for, or if my insurance can cover it

Memory Loss

Lyme Disease

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  • Piper2022


    Hello, Look first for support groups. They can get you to a Lyme Literate Dotor, (aka LLMD). Good luck to you.

  • Piper2022


    I forgot to mention that most insurances do not cover Lyme Disease treatment. You might be able to get some services covered, though. And if you're able to manage it, you could try to submit claim forms. I've been told insurance companies automatically deny claims 9⃣ TIMES before they approve them. You have to keep going through appeals until you get approved.

    • Atmeos


      luckily the insurance that my job gives me does. I live in Connecticut though, perhaps insurance takes it a little more seriously in the origin state.

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