wondering if anyone has symptoms that are only on the left side. a stretching burning pain, with gas always on the left lower side, sometimes flank pain. most common in the middle of the night. Accompany the pain is mucus in stool, sometimes bubbly. sorry if TMI. doctors suspect IBS or endo. colonoscopy, sonogram and x-rays are all clear.

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  • Crockett71


    I have pain in the descending colon that radiates to my back after each BM. My G.I. doctor is unable to explain why the left side of my abdomen is only affected. All tests show no inflammation in both large and small intestines.

  • ladedadedum


    Do you still have your gallbladder?? When I had my gallbladder still, all of my pain was on the left side. For the longest time they kept ruling out my gallbladder because of that, when a doctor finally listened to me and ran a test, my gallbladder was full of stones. When they removed it, he said it was one of the angriest he had ever seen!

  • Crockett71


    From all the tests I've been through my G. I. doctor said my gallbladder is is fine. At first I thought my left kidney was the problem, but again all the tests indicate it's inflammation in the large colon (descending). My doctor prescribed Xanax which helps ease the discomfort and pain during a flare-up.

  • Lucky_H


    If you had surgery and have adhesions like me. Overgrowth and c are common. Miralax and lots of water help.

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