I'm not sure if this relates to anything I listed, but at times I'll get extremely nauseous, but never throw up. I just get that feeling that I'm going to, and it makes me feel so sick, that I can never sleep at night. For some reason, I'm only ever able to sleep during the day due to it. Never at night anymore. Its almost 9AM for me, and I still haven't slept because every time I lay down, I can hear my own heart beat, I get nauseous, my head starts to hurt, etc. It's something new every night. Only constant is the nausea. And I'm scared. Someone please help me. I think its either from my Acid Reflux or from the anxiety.

Acute Anxiety

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  • Hope22424


    I definitely relate to the neasua bit. I gag and go through the motions but end up sitting in the bath for hours because it's the only thing that makes me feel better. I've even tried resorting to mingung my self throw up but it doesn't help or do anything so I've stopped trying that 😅

  • rarerambo


    I highly recommend looking into the ReliefBand!!! It helps SO much with nausea. A bit expensive but well worth it in my opinion

  • WhistleStopper


    Sounds like the blood pressure is getting too high. When my blood pressure gets to 170/99 I do that. The blood pressure could be anxiety induced as well.

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