How do you all cope with your chronic migraines? I am struggling today.

Chronic Migraine

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  • SheSwimsALot


    Marijuana and lots of sleep and water When I can't smoke or sleep, I need long deep breaths and quiet time in the dark. Light and sound can be a trigger for me.

  • 55isMe


    For me, imitrex has worked pretty well, since 1993. So, it is usually just waiting the hour for it to kick in. The last few years, other health issues have spiraled it. Even with 3x a day, still i find it best to think about what i can do once it is gone. No matter how small of a window of relief, i find it better to anticipate it. Then enjoy it when it comes. While waiting, i can distract a bit with ice pack, i almost always wear a hat/sunglasses, light finger massage at back base of skull and similarly at top of nose. Also physical therapist helped tremendously with the vestibular migraine that added to my regular one. Virtually eliminated them with eye retraining, so now back to just 1 migraine a day typically.

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