Simply, iron pills make me uncomfortable. They make it a little difficult and slightly painful to poop (probably because I have some inflared bowel problems, specifically Crohn's Disease). Is there any other way or certain foods that can get iron into my system?

Iron Deficiency Anemia

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  • shoe


    Broccoli, oats, Quinoa, dark chocolate, spinach, meats like beef and duck. And a not so common food(my person favorite) oysters!

  • bumblebee103


    Hi! I also suffer from severe iron deficiency anemia and unfortunately I am allergic to the IV iron and oral iron pills. What my doctor has recommended me to try is taking a prenatal multivitamin that has iron included, or you could also try liver capsules. I just started the prenatal vitamins the other day and so far it’s been going well! There are also slow release iron pills out there that are supposed to relieve the stomach issues! Hope this all helps!

    • Creator


      Ooo, thank you very much for suggesting these!

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