My Therapist gave me two bits of advice. first was to exercise to manage my (idk how to explain it) fits of Hyperactive-inattention. like I can't focus because I'm so energetically scattered. second was to let my living space be more chaotic, so I can just exist and vibe as I need to.

I'm struggling with both. I grew up with cleanliness and hygiene being a conduit for abuse, so having a messy room is really a struggle for me, and i can't exercise if my room is a mess (because no way am I leaving the house)

Can some of yall share some tips? Whether for adhd, autism or bipolar, I really want to be able to create a space that's mentally good for me, and also be able to let go of some of my stress relating to cleaning

Bipolar 2 disorder

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    My cousin suggested I use bins for things and that has been a huge help. It allows me to throw things into a bin and not have to put it up so neatly, but it still feels more organized to me since I can't see all the clutter. I too hate seeing messiness. As for exercise, it's very hard for me to do it if I know it has to be for 30 minutes or longer. So what I do instead is some high intensity few minutes a few times throughout the day. Even if it's just a minute, it helps as those add up. Here's also an easy but higher intentions workout that's only 6 minutes. I can't remember where I came across this. Warm-up (2 minutes) – 60 seconds of slow, marching in place while circling your arms followed by 60 seconds of easy jumping jacks. High-intensity exercise (20 seconds) — choose from one of these bodyweight exercises: arms-up squats, mountain climbers, or burpees. Recovery (60 seconds) – slow, steady march in place. Arms-up squats/ mountain climbers / or burpees (20 seconds). Recovery march in place (60 seconds). Arms-up squats/ mountain climbers / or burpees (20 seconds) Recovery/ cool-down march in place (60 seconds)

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