what is the best at home remedy for asthmatic bronchitis or just asthma in general, I'm really new to this and I need to make it 2 weeks without going back to the hospital to make it to when I can see my pulmonologist.

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  • Jess223


    Cool air and running a humidifier in your bedroom

  • gator122


    I don't do well with humidity when my asthma is acting up. I drink warm drinks. Yogi breath easy tra is my fave, available at grocery stores

    • its_V


      thank you! I'll try that!

  • lightestofheart


    Ive had exercise induced asthma since about 13, and didn't know what was happening until 28 when I was finally tested. I can control mine some but it looks really scary to other folks. I'm not even sure if it's healthy, but it's the coping mechanism I learned not knowing what was happening. I would stop whatever was triggering it, remember mines exercise induced, sit, and stop myself hyperventilating by making myself take real deep breaths. My body wanted to pant and wheeze... But I'd do a kind of mindful breathing that included holding my breath for a count, then breathing in deeply for a count, repeating until I could control it again. Like I said not ideal or maybe even healthy but it worked for me for over 15 years until I got a diagnosis. Btw I had a friend that would tell me... You breathe like S. I had no idea I really did! That was part of finding out that I wasn't "out of shape" but actually tested at only getting 40% of my air!

  • Country_FLMama


    Cool air humdifier, dimatapp otc when my lungs feel really cruddy, and finding your triggers.. Also loud singing helps as does laying prone.

  • Doc_Eosino_Thrill_Ya


    Ive had eosinophilic asthma since I was born but wasnt properly treated so ive figured out a lot on my own. The caffeine molecule is actually in the same family as an old school asthma med called theophylline. OTC caffeine or even just coffee can help chest tightness. Primatene is another stimulant type drug that releives asthma attacks. Putting eucalyptus oil in a pot of boiling water and breathing the steam can help cough out the mucus build up. Cleaning your area of all dust (especially fans) reduces symptoms.

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