Hi ladies. I have stage 4 Endo. I have a surgery consult coming up to remove a deep infiltrating plaque from my colon. Are there any of you who also have stage 4 who can offer tips for pain relief? It’s so so difficult to do anything without severe pain. Thank you in advance!


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  • Sd123


    Don’t have an answer to your pain problem and not sure if you’re anywhere close to New York but I live in California and traveled to see Dr Kanayama at New York endometriosis center and he is incredible. Im a PA and i was so impressed with him and his surgical rates of complication and recurrence and how many of his patients get pregnant right after surgery after years of infertility. My friend referred me to him after she saw all of the top endo people in California (Stanford, usc, ucsd) and they were not able to help her. He gives a lot of advice on what to look for in an endo surgeon if you can’t travel to see him but so many people that I know have had other cautery endo surgeries with da Vinci robot and end up having missed lesions and end up needing surgery again. His rates of recurrence are so low even with women with stage 4 or frozen pelvis. I have my surgery scheduled in a month and will be traveling to New York for it. I hope that you can find someone to help you! Just thought I would share because I’m so grateful to have found him!

  • Forbiddenlove13


    I dont know what stage I have. My doctor never told me after my surgery to diagnose it.

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