hi I'm Sammy, I am chronicly ill but don't understand what is wrong. I am hoping to know soon. I deal with nausea, vertigo, tachycardia, fatigue, memory issues, and brain fog to name most of it along with mental health issues.


Chronic Tachycardia



acute lethargy

Atrial fibrillation

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  • minionmaniac


    I feel you! I know the struggle . I'm also chronically ill since age 7 with no real diagnosis yet. I also have tachycardia, severe fatigue,brain fog, memory issues, shortness of breath, dizziness among other things. I think I might have a relapse of chronic Lymes disease and inappropriate sinus tachycardia but am waiting to see specialists. Have you ever been bitten by a tick?

    • nephilim_sammy


      hi, I did a Lyme's disease test and it came back inconclusive. I don't have any memory of being bitten. I've also done an ANA panel that came back negative.

      • TheCrowMuse


        Have you had a halter monitor for your tachycardia yet? Many of those symptoms can be related to heart health. I got a 15 day one to rule out white coat syndrome and it turned out my average resting heart rate was 112. I was having dizziness, fatigue, and nausea unrelated to my other issues which cleared up once they increased my propanolol. Chronic tachy can lead to a higher risk of afib too so it's good to get it checked anyways, make sure you're not skipping beats.

  • bunnylover79


    That sounds like what I was experiencing. I literally felt like I was dying. I kept on going to the ER, and they told me I was having anxiety/panic attacks and BPPV, but my doctor ordered a 48 hour Holter monitor, and it showed that I have SVT. I've been on Toprol XL and Dyazide for a week now, and I feel so much better. I still experience heart thumping and racing at times, but not as bad as before.

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