do any of you diagnosed with FM use canes? some days walking feels so hard, but i can't drive so i rely on public transport/walking to get to work, appointments, shopping, etc. there are days where i can do these things just fine, but once i get home, i can't move. i want to try one to see if it'll help with the pain since i haven't started meds (pharmacy is backed up til later this week 🙄) and it's a couple weeks until i try PT... i mentioned it and someone told me i was being "overdramatic" and "giving in"

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  • PurpleMage


    My fibro isn't severe enough for me to need a cane but if it would make getting around easier for you then get one. To hell with what others think they don't have to live with the pain.

  • zyxorcba


    I have it bad enough I use a cane farely regularly but not all the time, and I've had it so bad I've had to use a walker. Through it all I still hate using the electric carts because I feel someone else may need them more

  • Walking_Library


    I use a cane everywhere I go! It helps with mobility and balance, and increases my stamina a little. Personally it doesn’t really reduce my pain or lessen my fatigue. I’m looking into getting a wheelchair because I’m struggling to walk more than short distances due to serve joint instability and severe pain. But if you’re considering getting a cane, that’s sign enough that you need one. It wouldn’t hurt to get one and try it out.

  • Evette


    Don't listen to people that doesn't have FM because they think it's a made up disease. I learned the more I move the easier I can tolerate my FM. Do I not hurt trying to move yes I do. But it does help.

  • WhistleStopper


    I use a cane periodically because my sciatic gets inflammation and the right leg gives out. Yes using a cane is beneficial to help stabilize your balance.

  • History.and.cats


    I've definitely thought about getting one. I have a wheelchair for when I'm struggling, plus it helps when I'm having GI issues and can't eat so I'm light headed. I have found that so many places aren't wheelchair accessible though so I'm interested in a cane.

  • Mountain.Allie


    I have thought about getting a mobility aid for when I have a flair with my Lupus. I get so weak and need assistance getting up and down the stairs.

  • Miyuki


    Yes I occasionally use a wheelchair actually! But canes and walkers help a lot too! Always accommodate yourself and to help make things easy. Also when in grocery stores if u have any motorized carts use thoses as well it helps a lot

  • mikilove


    I use a cane, Walker, and mainly a wheelchair it's not being overdramatic it's doing whatever is best to help you I've had people who say the same thing mobility aids are there to do one thing aid you it's nothing to be ashamed for

  • MagickalRebel


    I'm thinking of getting one!

  • katc


    I use a crutch cane sometimes when walking is hard. It allows for balance but let's me use my hands.

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