Hi! Any advice on pre-medication RA treatments while still in the diagnostic process? Specifically those that could help with hand pain/stiffness or fatigue?

My symptoms are still relatively new, but based off them and my family history I’m pretty sure I have RA. However, my diagnosis process is looking like it might take awhile for me since most of my initial blood work came back seronegative (my mom also has completely seronegative RA) and my doctor is incredibly backed up with appointments at the moment. I just started a temporary prednisone prescription, but probably won’t be able to consistently start taking a medication to help my symptoms for at least few months. Any suggestions on what I can do in the meantime to keep my symptoms more in check? They’ve been really bad the past few weeks particularly in the evening and at night, with pain and stiffness (and sometimes visible swelling) mostly affecting my hands but also somewhat my ankles and toes and fatigue that’s so bad that it feels like every movement takes 200x more energy than normal. They’ve also been getting progressively worse throughout the past few months. I’m willing to try essentially anything to get it a little more to a manageable place while waiting for a longer-term treatment option, especially since I’m starting up college again this fall and am currently a little concerned about my ability to stay on top of my classes and other commitments with my symptoms. Thanks to anyone who can suggest something, I don’t know what to do at the moment and it’s all kinda overwhelming.



Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)


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  • Camidenise


    I started taking Humira in September 21 I don’t really feel any different yet but I take 20predisone also I have stiffness but not a lot of pain I am weaning off the steroids to use only Humira hopefully nothing will change

  • Vannah349


    Maybe compression gloves? And Ice/Heat packs?

  • TrebleNurturer


    An NSAID like Ibuprofen or aleve, at high levels. Before I was officially diagnosed, I was prescribed Meloxicam to help with inflammation.

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