How do you handle having a full-time job while living in chronic pain?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • J3SS


    I’m not able to work due to a list of diagnoses, I’m on disability.

  • loralies


    I don't and haven't for 13 years they're just getting worse.

  • mtngoat


    I suffer and get through it because I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage on disability income.

  • MagickalRebel


    I completely changed fields to make it as easy on my body as I can. And work for a company who I was honest about my health with. So, good companies are out there. And jobs too, it's also important to prioritize general care, avoiding foods that inflame remember meds. It's even more imperative if you work doing something that causes pain.

  • qtdoll


    Unfortunately it's not always possible, I have tried to work part time even before and im at the point I can only work online and even that is to much at times.

  • KRimbey


    I'm unable to work and on disability

  • Firbo


    It’s a balancing act for sure! My schedule is pretty flexible and it’s still tough at times. However, thus far I’ve still been able to keep both my companies a float.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • qveenofthecastles


    I suck it up....for now at least!

  • katc


    I just do what I have to do, communicate to my boss, work with my doctor, and basically push through it.

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