I'm 6 days pull free but it's so hard. How do you stop? Is there medicine you can take?



Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • AmberSpark


    Luvox (generic name Fluvoxamine) is used for OCD. I've heard of some success with it in the TTM community.

    • Heatherbee


      I take fluvoxamine and I love it for anxiety. It makes a world of a difference. But it doesn't actually help with the hair pulling for me, even if I up the dose. I've tried a lot of medications and the only medication I've tried that helps with the trichotillomania is mirtazapine. It took me from about 100 hairs per day down to zero today and one yesterday.

      • Heatherbee


        I'm still taking fluvoxamine for anxiety though, it's really a lifesaver.

  • eee2342


    I take luvox for my OCD also but all it does is make me so angry. All I do is yell at my boyfriend about the small things that he is OCD about because it interferes with my OCD.

    • Heatherbee


      man I'm sorry, you might want to ask to try a different medication. There are other ones for OCD if that one's not really helping. Sometimes you have to try a few before you find one you like.

  • trocket13


    not medicine but i know that there are certain kinds of therapies that can help like habit reversal therapy

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