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Has anyone here experienced a cyst in their skin? I was told this lump on outside of my ear felt like a cyst at urgent care. He told me it wasn’t concerning but to follow up with a dermatologist. I saw online that heating the area helps. Wondered if anyone knew of other ideas that can cause this to go away. Scheduled a follow up incase nothing works either way but hoping it’s not necessary

    • Weiss


      Hope you've seen a dermatologist and are well. They can look at it, test the fluids to be sure it's not dangerous, or inject you with a very fine needle that gives you treatment for it. It's better to be safe than sorry. I figured I'd roll around through skin conversations to see of people are asking the same questions that I want answered. More people should do that tbh. Everyone can't just expect help if all everyone does is ask questions. I'm grateful for those who help me. Albeit, it takes a while.

      • TexAss


        @Weiss I was getting cysts, mostly cystic acne and had an ovarian cyst. The ovarian one, didn't burst like what commonly happens with others I know experiencing PCOS, and had to be surgically removed. The cystic acne though, I have tried a lot of products and nothing ever seemed to work except getting the cyst drained. If I left the "acne" alone and didn't drain it, it would eventually break skin underneath the growing cyst and become a blood blister, that would turn into a dark spot until I drained that. A dermatologist can help you with tips and tricks to reduce scaring. It might not be for everyone, but I tracked my cysts down to being caused by a low allergy to cinnamon.

        • Weiss


          @TexAss I don't ingest a lot of cinnamon but technically all humans are allergic to it to some degree. My area has limited access to derms so I have to wait anywhere from 3-6 months to be seen.. *sigh*

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