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Looking to hear from others and their experiences with buspirone. Just took a dose for the first time, my NP prescribed it today as I've been having trouble with regular anxiety causing either a hopeless/impending doom state or a hyperactive agitated state. I'm also on Vyvanse for brain fog and gabapentin as needed for acute anxiety. NP prescribed the buspirone because I've been taking my gaba more regularly and higher doses and running out early. she figured I should give a daily regular anxiety med a go and benzos were not a route either one of us wanted to go (I have a history of drug addiction and benzos make me black out even in small doses.) anybody a fan of this med? weird notable side effects? I've read about the "brain zaps", just took my first dose around 30min ago and I don't think I feel anything like that at the moment. NP advised me to take 5mg BID for a few days then I can play around with the dosing as needed as far as times of day and amounts given with a max of 30mg daily. TIA

    • HannahCollins


      Buspirone has been the only thing that has brought down the amount of anxiety I experience. I personally have not noticed any major side effects. All of this is my personal experience. My advice is to just be aware of what it does for you personally. Talk to your doctor if it isn't helping or if you experience any side effects that you don't like.

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