I guess I’m just looking for answers 🤷🏼‍♀️ and hoping there’s people out there who’ve had the chronic pain/fatigue/digestive issues/insomnia/adhd,etc. and had them mostly go away or definitely subside when somehow stress and anxiety is reduced as well. I don’t want to have to take medication to knock myself out at night and medication to get me going in the morning my entire life. Might be wishful thinking

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  • Fawn1024


    I definitely had a chronic pain/insomnia/migraines/depression combo in high school on top of the stress and anxiety and a big thing for me in helping a lot of my symptoms was honestly just eating more consistent meals (even if they’re small! Just snacks can go a long way) and slowly shifting my sleep schedule overtime till I was eventually able to be tired at a more reasonable time. I know it’s basic but honestly sometimes chamomile tea helps with me when I’m trying to sleep now as long as I also put away screens and things when I drink it! Food and sleep definitely helped with the stress and anxiety which then helped with a lot of the other symptoms. I don’t know if ADHD is necessarily something that can “go away” but I do think my symptoms with that have gotten a little easier to manage over the past few years as well. Hope you figure out something that works for you 💕

  • mysterygirl


    Look into or Chronic Fatigue Syndrom(ME) or MS b/c a certain type has relapses. Times you'll be fine, then bsm back come a lot the symptoms you've described. You don't have to have a foot drag to have MS. It affects people in many parts of their nervous system. They can diagnose it with MRI & spinal fluid. Hope that helps, as these symptoms are common to lot of us, as we are dismissed or misdiagnosed. Getting the energy to keep looking for answers gers tiring. Taking meds for symptoms that can make disease worse, is frustrating.

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