hi, um I really need help! so I started having tics about a year ago and then something happened and they amplified,kinda, I just wanna figure out if I have ts or something more that's possibly deadly or something.
so I get tics whenever I have bad anxiety or just randomly, I can kinda feel when it's coming like a feeling crawling from the back of my head, my mom thinks I'm faking because it's off and on but I just want help and see if I actually have TS and see if I can get diagnosed if I do! have a great day everyone (if you want I can explain it more in another post or in comments)

Tourette Syndrome (TS)

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  • thanvasco


    Don't stress nothing is deadly! Tourettes/tics wax and wane. They can be very severe for a day, week, month, and then start to progressively decrease in severity! One time a couple years ago I had a tic attack that lasted several weeks, and I couldn't go a minute without ticking. However, I'm still here today with them being less severe! They still do come and go, (yes, it's annoying) and currently mine are worsening aswell. I understand the way you feel! But trust me, everything will be fine. Also, please speak to your mother and communicate about it to her, because being diagnosed is better than being left on a cliff and just guessing!

    • jasZzper


      thank you so much! My mom does understand that I have tics but she sometimes say it's for attention and that not it, I hate that I have tics, it's really annoying, I'd rather not wissle and fingergun random people in my school hallway while I'm trying to get to class lol

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