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Hello I am new to alike and I am hoping to speak with people who have the same conditions that I do

    • Teaberry


      I have a closed head injury since 2001 and have anxiety and short term memory loss as a result of the closed head injury. Everyone thinks I should be fine by now but don't understand it's a life long process so I just isolate cause I'm tired of explaining what everyone is so committed to misunderstanding

      • lzzyfan


        @Teaberry Hi, I have had same since 1988. Drunk driver hit us. It is a life long process. One problem is that mid sentence I forget what I was talking about. People closest to me, eventually were ok with having to remind me what I was talking about. I also have a delay when people speak to me. Its like some one speaks to me, I usually say what did you say, or pardon me would you repeat. But by the time I have said what did or pardon me, its like a typewriter in my head is typing out what they said. A lot of people see it as me not paying attention to them when they talk to me. I have had to explain all the time. My pain in the ass ex-husband couldn't seem to grasp that it wasn't because I was ignoring him. It was gone of the things that lead to our divorce. You shouldn't isolate yourself. Only lead to depression. I think there's are support groups for people with brain injuries. Talking to a therapist about your feelings, way people treat you, could be very beneficial. One thing I was told by doctor, always exercise my brain daily. Certain games, especially word games and memory games, may go a long way in keeping things like dementia at bay. I hope this helps. People are just so self-centered now. Always so busy. No time to sit and let a friend vent. It was quite surprising to me when my 3 yr old son was killed in same accident. Little by little, people disappeared from my life. Death of a child is disturbing to most. Its like its contagious. It will happen to them, if there around me. I have had a lot of counseling and therapy. You sometimes have to keep looking for awhile. I'm 59, 25 when accident happen. Its only been the last 6 months I finally found right therapist. She is a trauma trained therapist, and she is great. Good luck hope this helps.

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