Does anyone else have CFS/ME or any other conditions/symptoms that cause daily severe fatigue? I have no idea how to treat many of my issues because I don’t know what is the ADHD and what is the CFS, depression, anxiety, autoimmune illness, etc. How do you deal with this?

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  • SundaySmall


    I have severe chronic fatigue however it could probably be explained by hypothyroidism, depression, ADHD, and GAD. Unfortunately the treatment for most of these (because as we know there is no cure, only means of coping) are things we already know but are easier said than done. Regular moderate exercise, a diet catered to our nutritional needs (if you haven’t already had a test for food sensitivities, that may be a good next step), mental health needs being met, etc.

  • AnimalBoy


    I have ADHD, more than one deficiency, depression, anxiety, and something unknown causing me severe pain that may or may not also be causing my CFS. For the most part it seems that it gets a little bit better as you treat each thing and their contribution stops being prominent but as far as dealing with the baseline CFS I've only been able to figure out my sleep schedule/patterns and accommodate for the amount I need to actually function. It's not enough for me to really be reliably functional, but it helps.

  • coffeeandcuddles


    I thought for YEARS my severe fatigue was ADHD and Depression. Kept trying medications, counseling, etc... turned out it was autoimmune. Only thing that helped were making sure my vitamin D was at an appropriate level every day and keeping a regular sleep schedule as much as possible

  • Rooto


    I have pretty bad CFS and ADHD (also anxiety and others). Vyvanse has helped both a lot. It's a stimulant, like coffee. When you have anxiety you have to be a little more careful with it though; sometimes I have to skip a couple days as it kind of "builds up."

  • rylesmcgyles


    Yes! I have POTS, CFS, Depression, and ADHD so it’s hard to know which one is causing the fatigue this time. One thing I’ve found that helps me when I need to get things done but just can’t do it, is the 2 hour rule. I use alarms on my phone for every 2 hours and I give myself 1 task (that’s it) to complete within those 2 hours. If I complete it with time to spare, then I will spend the rest of the time resting up, or doing something that refills the dopamine. I’ve found it makes tasks seems a lot less overwhelming.

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