I've been finally cleared by Dr to get Botox injections, for my headaches, however, in the meantime , what can I do to ease them. I will be seeing my pain specialist in a month , and unfortunately I'm in the middle of an excruciating migraine right now , I've tried coffee, tea , Excedrin migraine meds, massage , cold eye masks .. you name it . any other ideas ? help



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  • Sunshine_Sue


    Hi, cold compresses on your neck. That works for me!

  • 55isMe


    Imitrex has been my godsend for 30 years. Almost always going away within sn hour and gone shortly after. Before it was available, i had not found anything that relieved the pain. Some things like ice, keeping still, avoiding temp/sound/light changes. Here's one odd thing that helps, but i use it with imitrex as speeds relief (15 min vs 1 hour). 2 Excedrin and several gulps from a fresh can of Mt. Dew (lots of bubbles, tickles inside my ears) and excelerates the caffeine in the Excedrin.

  • Sleak67


    I get migraines so bad I get physically ill. I find thc/cbd calms mine then when nausea control some coffee and heat and ice. And rub my infused salve I make in.

  • Mackintosh


    Ice packs help me a lot. There are even specialized ones for Migraines. The one I have is called “Headache Hat” (I think I purchased on Amazon). Another I readily know the name of is called “Ice Kap”. However, if you search “Headache Hat” or “Headache Ice Pack” on Amazon, for instance, many other similar options pop up. Also, I have personally found ‘Goody’s Headache Powder’ (Ingredients almost (?) identical to Excedrin) to act faster & better than Excedrin. Also, if one takes Excedrin & other fast-acting otc painkillers (such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc) too often for migraine headaches, these are more likely to cause “rebound” headaches/migraines as opposed to the longer acting type, like Aleve (Naproxen). Best of luck to you!

  • Picnc


    Imitrex injections or the tablets was a little bit relief for me before I go to ER

  • Firbo


    I feel sumatriptan nasal spray (prescription) works pretty well if you can take it before the migraine gets sets in.

  • DragonLady48


    I wish you luck with the Botox injections it might work for you. I got them and it made my pain a 100 percent worse. My pain management Doctor is still trying to get my medicine right I will pray 🙏🙏🙏 that it works for you if you want to can you please share your experience with me

  • katzgoddessa


    Ice hat. Ice pack goes in this "hat" and it encompasses your head and eyes with gentle pressure and numbing cold.

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