Yesterday the back side of my hand started hurting and feeling stiff. Today the pain is worse and my grip is weaker. The pain wraps around my wrist and then spreads up the back of my hand into the tips of my fingers. It takes more effort than usual to straighten out my fingers. I have taken ibuprofen as well as alternating ice and heat. Nothing has helped and it is slowly getting worse. Any ideas what is going on?


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  • FeelsBadMan


    i would say check with a medical professional first to verify whether or not there is an underlying medical cause, if not it might possibly psychological. meaning it could possibly pertain to mental health issues ?

  • Erai


    Tendinitis? Have you been overusing your hands/hand? Either way I agree that you should ask a professional.

  • wise


    sounds like tendonitis! you can look up some stretches to do to try and help with pain and mobility

  • MommaJo


    Go get checked out

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