Hoping someone who matched with me lives in LA or surrounding areas. If so, what's it like living there? I'm contemplating moving in hopes my depression lightens up as I am from MI and winters damn near kill me every time and it's only getting worse. I am legit so scared about this upcoming one as the cold will approach in the next few months. Anyone at all living in a warmer state please feel free to respond as well. I obviously would also need a place that has decent health insurance and/or state aid as I cannot work. Thanks a bunch


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  • Roperry2377


    I'm in Michigan too, so I definitely agree about the winters here, and even make jokes about "having a love-hate relationship with a certain rodent who often likes to give me a crappy present for my birthday a lot of years" (i.e. b-day = 2/3, day after Groundhog's day and having 6 more weeks of crappy weather before spring).

  • SalineTurnip


    I'm looking to move to a colder state. I need real winters. I have SAD in the summertime and this summer has just destroyed me. I'm in southern Illinois and it's been 100 nearly every day since May. If you like it hot and you don't want to move far, I recommend moving here. We do get winter but it's usually only cold in January and February, and it usually only snows in Feb. (And even then it's never a lot. Maybe two inches.) It's pretty much summertime 8 months out of the year, and the other three seasons last 4-6 weeks. I hate it. But the state health insurance is really good. I've had paid health insurance and it's also good.

  • M5W1TCH


    California is crazy expensive! I lived there for the first 25 years of my life. Ioved to Utah a year ago and not only is Utah WAY more affordable, all 4 seasons are experienced here!

  • SourLemons


    currently in LA. feel free to DM me :)

  • Cookiee


    I'm just trying to find options really. I don't think I can survive another winter. I want warmth year round. Thanks for all your responses 🙂

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