I have major problems with fatigue and being tired/worn out all the time. It’s exhausting 😅 How does everyone battle their fatigue??

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  • Elytra


    Medication lol. Abilify specifically, it gives me a good bit of motivation and energy for a few hours

    • MellowMisty


      I’m actually on abilify and it does the opposite for me. I have to take it at night for that reason 😅

      • Elytra


        huh, that's interesting. My psychiatrist said that it does that for some people, I wonder what the difference is

  • mysterygirl


    Have any of you had your genetic medication profile done? Most insurances ( Medicare)does.I was antidepressant resistant for yrs and really fatigued. I found out that I have a mutation on one gene (MTHF) that was not allowing b vitamins to get into my nervous system. The doc pit me on a medical grade food additive called Deplin and my depression has 90% better. Most days I'm not depressed, at all. Some days who know b/c I'm going thru a divorce & being disabled it's all about his money, so I get scared that I'll be homelessb/c he doesn't want to give me a 17 yr old car and most of you know that SSDI doesn't pay a lot. So, "normal" people might feel sad, scared & a little hopeless. I've never taken ability. I thought that was for dementia but if it helps with energy and mod, great. If you want any info on how to get this genetic testing, feel free to pm me. You do at home, it's all by mail, so not complicated or taxing. Feel good today, if you can💟

  • Zebragirl


    Salt & electrolytes. These r temporary helpers but on days when I'm having fatigue I try to do nothing if I can and just rest

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