I happen to suffer from Trichotillomania as well as Dermatillomania, which is like a double-whammy. I pick my skin, and make myself bald. I woke up one day to all of my eyelashes completely gone, as well as my eyebrows, because I pulled them out in my sleep. My mother says she can tell I'm stressed, when. she checks on me at night, and I've got my hands in my hair, or there is hair on my pillow. I ended up taking the Eminem approach, ie., shaving my hair off. It suits me way better than I expected, and I haven't had the urge to pull at my hair nearly as much, since I can't even grip it. It's just thoughts and prayers on my head now. If you are struggling with this, you should try shaving your head as well. Amazon and other places have pretty decent, realistic wigs as well, if you'd like to keep it normal looking. It might be a hard move, especially if you're emotionally attached to your hair for whatever reason it may be, but in the end, it's a fresh start! 🥰

Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • Arbor555


    Thank you for your story ❤️ I had to do Eminem style back in middle school, but have been able to redirect my disorder so ppl can’t see it’s affect.

  • NishaT


    I pull skin off my lip and I hit my legs real fast to calm myself down.

  • talli


    Love this. My hair was so bad when I was a teenager that I got sick of hiding it and just shaved my head (in high school, sheesh). It gave me a psychological break from the shame, and was partially, ultimately something that helped me stop pulling as much.

  • Lexa7


    I feel like I’d look so stupid with a buzz cut

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