Hello I'm new. I was wondering if anyone is showing sharp pain in their back? So, instead on the left chest plate on the front, it is on the back. there has been 3 places this has been happening for the past 3 weeks front, back and left sharp cramp (only when I don't lay on my stomach). any direction? docs look at me and say it's a phantom pain unless I go to the ER and BP and HR are through the roof on meds.

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  • DandelionFairy


    Could it be trigger-point pain? Dunno.

  • Wondercell


    Have you ever tried a chiropractor? I know a lot of people with dysautonomia think that chiropractic care can be scary but think about it a lot of times our problems lie in our central nervous system shouldn't we go see someone that gets right to the root of that problem? I have been seeing one for a year and a half or so and it has improved my condition. It's not a miracle worker because there are so many other things involved but that was a good start.

    • Stacia


      I haven't seen a chiropractor.❤️

  • Pudder


    You should definitely try a chiropractor and maybe a masseuse to manage muscle tightness.

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