not yet diagnosed but working on it with my doctors. but does anyone else have weird side effects to medicines? like hallucinations after taking Tylenol or Benadryl? no one believes me when I say these things make me loopy and see/hear things that aren't there 😅 wondering if this is an EDS thing or not.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • littlebug


    i have never heard of that, might not be an eds thing

    • Pancakes14


      I really need to ask a doctor then 😅 I've tried before but they say I must just be tired when I take them. It's so weird

  • ghibli


    this definitely is not an EDS thing. I would have to guess that you just experience more side effects to the medication. I can’t believe your doctor would say that to you! I hate when doctors shut down patient symptoms as hallucinations is a clear side effect of bynadryl (not sure about tylenol) experienced by some. It could also be a reaction of mixing two medications together! If you’re on any other meds, check to see if they interact with tylenol or bynadryl

    • Pancakes14


      they gave them to me both at the same time in the hospital 😅 but at home I don't take them together. 😥

  • SharkBlood23


    I don't believe that's an eds thing.

  • Potsiespoon


    Do you take any other medications that could be interacting with the Benadryl/Tylenol?

  • Maxpphire


    It's more a liver thing. Some people are more sensitive to medications and some people less sensitive. Sounds like your liver is processing it in a way where you are intaking more of the dose than most other people. Lower the dose you take and you'll likely have better results.

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