Did anyone notice a big improvement when going from 150 mg to 225 mg for Effexor? I just got my dosage raised today and hoping that this is the magic number because I’m scared I’ll have to restart and find a new medication if it doesn’t hit the right spots here. Thankfully the medicine so far has caused no side effects and has been really helping me but still I’m just wanting to feel better than I am now.


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  • AmberSpark


    I take Effexor's sophisticated younger sister medicine (Pristiq) and the difference between a sub therapeutic and therapeutic dose was like night and day. It also didn't take long to settle in and notice the difference.

    • Cece7


      that’s good to know! I hope I’ll have the same relief on this dose. So worried it won’t be enough and not sure what the next step is after that.

  • ChristineD


    No. Effexor didn't work well for me. It worked some but eventually stopped working. 😢

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