I'm new to all of this and am currently seeking a therapist. But I would definitely like to know how most of you deal with anxiety. I know the thoughts that come into my head are ridiculous. But I still can't help but to feel a certain way about them. And also the way it effects you body. I guess my question is outside of medicine is there anything that anyone feels helps them get through the attacks.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • RediscoverMichael


    I seriously appreciate everything you just said. And am so happy I found this site. I will definitely try meditation. Is there a way or video you can recommend to start with? Again I appreciate all the help.

  • Awdayshus


    My therapist taught me a practice that often helps. When I am rationally aware that my anxious thoughts are ridiculous, I think about the worst thing that could realistically happen. The key here is realistic. I used this last week when anxiety was keeping me from making some important phone calls. My anxiety was greatly reduced when I realized that the worst things that could realistically happen would be that I'd have to leave a message or that someone would say no to the request I was calling about. I did end up leaving a few voicemails, but no one said no!

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