how do you deal with nonstop heartburn


Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


Chronic Heartburn

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  • RedCollar15


    When I'm having a hard time with my heartburn, I use tums and dairy. OTC acid reducers are pretty much all proton pump inhibitors and taking them for more than two weeks can often cause them to begin exacerbating the issue 😥 tums doesn't do that, but you do need to watch your calcium with it. I hope any of that helps. Heartburn is no fun 🫂

  • Jack_in_a_blanket


    I didn't think there was anything I could do so didn't talk to a doctor about it. Chatting with my doctor and trying medication has made a huge difference. If you were interested in dietary changes typing in GERD diet and looking at resources from credible sources can also give you some info. Hopkins has a good article

    • dolphinblues


      I wish I would have taken this route from the beginning. I was young and "dumb". Didn't think that changing what I was eating or drinking would make that big of difference. Nor was I keen on change anyway. Now I am dependent on GERD medicine. ☹️

  • AugustusSinclair



  • shoe


    First talk to a doctor about that. It could be something more. But for the time being milk and omperzole. And if your dedicated enough, a anti acid diet. 🛑Avoid foods with high acidity🛑 like tomatoes🍅 !

  • juniiebug


    Anti-acids and keeping track of what you eat (so you can monitor what makes you feel good and what doesn’t…don’t form unhealthy eating habits!)

  • Rhea.j205


    I try to avoid greasy/salty foods. Always have some pepto/tums with you though they're life savers fr

  • MaryC


    Milk makes mine worse. I avoid foods that I know are triggers. I take omeprazole in the morning & famotadine at bed time. In the case of break through acid I take either tums or pepto. I also never sleep flat, I got a heads up adjustable base for my bed & always have it raised at least 6-8 inches

    • CookiesAndChaos


      Do you get any side effects from the Omeprazole?

  • Lucilou


    Pepto and tums. My mom swears by it and I've found it works for me too.

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