Does anyone feel so fatigued that the exhaustion is actually painful? Like you can feel the weight of your muscle aches and fatigue weigh you down like sand bags ? But not only the muscle aches, but the fatigue is a different ache all together. And it’s non stop.

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  • MagickalRebel


    Yes, sometimes it just hurts to breathe like everything is so heavy. Or laying down hurts if I'm doing it for too long.

    • Kokobetic


      laying down hurts too 😥

  • ginkgowink


    Yes, I get that too. I’m sorry 😣

  • Firbo


    I definitely do and I completely understand. I’m sorry you have to go through this. The maddening part for me is you’re so exhausted and fatigued all waking hours it hurts! Then at the same time you can’t sleep. Then the insomnia makes it way worse!

    • ginkgowink


      yes! I get a little jealous when I hear someone has fatigue that makes them sleep a lot. My fatigue takes over my life, but sleeping is always a challenge! So frustrating. During the day I have no energy to do anything but can’t nap so I just sit there wishing I could sleep or have energy to go and do things.

  • Potatohead


    Wow! Yes! This is how I’ve been feeling for weeks now. I’ve been blaming the heat. It’s debilitating. Sometimes stretching helps.

  • Quirkygal89


    I feel ya on this. I have to take a nap almost daily because I feel so weak and run down.

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