Hello I saw this app on an Instagram ad and I thought it could help me find other people who also feel like they are on autopilot the entire time. Can you guys share with me how it feels to you?


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  • cinnamon_sunlight


    Hi! It was a weird realization when my therapist pointed it out to me. I didn’t have a name for the feeling up until that point, and it was honestly really validating to have someone else describe the experience. Depersonalization is really hard to put into words—and is really hard for me to realize I’m doing it in the moment. A lot of times, I only see in retrospect. I feel a combination of numbness and off-ness while on autopilot. It’s a hollow and uncomfy feeling. I just have to not blame myself for it. It’s not your fault. Your body is coping in the best way it knows how.

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