does anyone have a whole day of struggling to breathe? today was a rough day at work for me cause I had two or three panic attacks cause I just couldn't breathe. I'm just wondering if anyone else goes through this?

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  • mochinori


    Not being able to breathe is a big symptom for me as well. It feels like I can’t catch my breath, especially when I’m panicking. You’re not alone!

  • SourLemons


    i usually don't get problems with breathing but i know it's a symptom many others experience. i do get panic attacks, though. those really suck. sending positive vibes, OP ♡

  • sabbymer


    my panic attacks make me not be able to talk and I can't breathe well because my asthma. I totally understand.

  • Oliveisanxious


    Yep! I get anxious about it and hyper-fixate on my breathing which is a vicious cycle… I have been practicing 1. acknowledging my breath and knowing that it is only because of my anxiety 2. reassuring myself and 3. I’ll do guided breathing meditations on YouTube, it’s really helpful. Highly recommended searching “Anxiety guided breathing meditation” or something along those lines ☺️ hope you’re doing better- you can overcome this everytime!!!

  • Kuro


    Yes but I also have lung issues. I really struggle to breathe all the time. I breathe really shallow to the point doctors can't hear it when they listen. I had a doctor tell me he's surprised I'm still alive because of it and have to take medication now. I definitely notice it getting worse when I'm anxious and sometimes end up being hospitalised.

  • McRib


    Yes. When my anxiety is very bad, I feel like I have a beehive in my head, my heartrate is elevated (according to Fitbit), and my chest is tight. It sounds weird, but I find laying down with an ice pack on my chest to be helpful. If I can't access that, drinking a glass of cold water can help. Good luck, OP

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