It hurts over my heart. could it be non heart related?

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  • Man_Of_The_Forest


    It’s always good to get checked out to ensure it’s not a medical issue but often anxiety can manifest as chest pain. I have had this experience numerous times myself and it’s crazy painful at times. I have been to the ER even to have them check me over and that was when I started my journey with anxiety treatment when I was cleared of medical issues and found to have anxiety causing my severe chest pain. I was terrified I was having a heart attack because heart problems do run in my family but as it turned out it was anxiety attacks causing all my issues. You should make sure to get checked out though because until you’re cleared of it being a medical problem you can’t be certain and chest pains aren’t something to mess around with. I found though worrying about it made it even worse so don’t stress more about it just get it checked. I even ended up wearing a heart monitor for a while just to be sure I had no heart problems thanks to my Doc setting me up just to ensure it was nothing more than anxiety.

    • lise


      thankyou. I think I will get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

      • Man_Of_The_Forest


        sorry I’m not on here anywhere near as much as I likely should be but I hope everything checks out ok and it’s always best to be safe. The good news is all to often it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been through a number of tests and all pointed back to my anxiety instead of an actual condition and heart troubles run in my family pretty extensively so I was very relieved to find there was not an actual issue with me…

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