What's the best way to get hormones under control to get regular and get pregnant? Been trying off and on the past 2 years and no luck.


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • kks


    Diet is best way to control hormones. But I would suggest you to see a fertility specialist. If you try for 6 months to a year and not able to conceive you need a doctor. We went to doctor and turned out me and my husband we both needed treatment. Good luck 👍🏻

  • ElektraNicPunk


    See if your OBGYN will try letrozole with you. I have been on it over a year. I ovulate and I don’t gain. Plus you need to know the count of your partner. It has to be really high to get it in a quicker time frame.

  • 100Percent_K


    I would work with a reproductive endocrinologist. They specialize in infertility and especially with PCOS.

    • MrsCora


      sadly my insurance doesn't cover fertility issues

  • MamaLlama05


    When I was exercising regularly, cut sugar out of my diet, and lost weight, my cycle was always 28 days! I was thrilled! Unfortunately, it was after I had my 3 kids. That journey was difficult. But what I recommend for my daughters who have pcos, is control the diet and keep exercising to keep their cycles regular. One daughter is almost ready to start having children, so she is focusing on that to get ready. If you’re doing that already, consider finding an OBGYN that knows more about pcos, or have your current OBGYN consult a specialist on your behalf? Some doctors will do that, and work with you.

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