Hi! I have been having trouble sleeping and just about everything else in my life since I was admitted to hospital in January. If you have a grocery list of conditions like I do, how do you cope and live the best life you can?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Simba22744


    I’m the same way. I’ve been type II for 21 years now. What a rollercoster! I have a coach now though. Makes things easier.

  • Simba22744


    With the type II I also have neuropathy in my hands and legs and feet. Some days my hands are so numb I can hardly apply my mascara or put on my cross necklace. That’s my armor of God! I work 40-48 hours a week. I also thank God for my husband. He makes my lunch and dinner everyday I work. I thank God for him. So you can probably tell where my strength comes from. God is my rock.



    I have type 2 diabetes with neuropathy and my doctor gave me lyrica for it. Seems to work very well for it.

    • LadyZDragon


      I too have type 2 and neuropathy. It's like I can't feel nothing and everything all at once. Since I started taking Lyrica my legs and hands are not too bad. I still can't feel my legs and feet but it's getting better. I have had neuropathy for about 17 years.

  • Edd22


    ❤️ 👍

  • Tobydottir


    Mediterranean diet, pushing myself every day to take care of me, and not kicking myself when things don't go to plan. Best wishes on your steps forward.

  • Edd22


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  • LadyCracking


    Day by Day .. What I can do, I do, what I can't, I can't.. a lot of times we must REprogram ourselves from the fast pace life to a slower version, understand a slower version doesn't mean a NO version, take it step by step, remember some times we cause more damage than good trying to stay the familiar pace... Take care and make your own way!! You'll be OK, some UPS and downs but you'll be A.O.K

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