Do I really have ADHD? Or could I be Autistic? Or both??

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Jan_Marie


    Both is possible but adhd can mess you up bad

  • Yunalesca


    Literally ask myself this same question almost everyday, especially after watching my 11 year old that is diagnosed autistic go through similar struggles I did as a child.

  • Alxies


    I had been diagnosed with ADHD for what seems to feel like my whole life, and I have also felt like I exhibited symptoms of autism. It's important to know that even if someone exhibits symptoms of any condition, they can not explicitly tell themselves that they have it or not without consulting a medical professional.

  • Kite


    Hello! Personally, I've been talking to my psychiatrist to see if I could be autistic. My close friends think I might, so I have been figuring that out :)

  • 404errormessage


    adhd and autism have a comorbitidy rate of 50-70% ..... so if you have one it's fairly likely you have both lol! i realized i had adhd and then realized pretty shortly after that i was also autistic. (btw check out the Raads-R test for autistic traits and the CAT-q for masking)

  • PsySam


    I feel ya I'm literally in the process of getting evaluated and diagnosed for autism. I was diagnosed ADD and unspecified learning disabled (whatever that means) when I was like 8yr, but back then they still didn't diagnose girls. I'm even questioning whether I'm really bipolar and the meltdowns I have is because of the autism. like I think i was misdiagnosed all these decades because I don't experience being manic just depression. I know a lot of symptoms overlap, but it would explain so much.

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