So I find it hard to take medication because I don't feel like it is working. Anyone have any advice?


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  • Ladoo


    It all depends on prescription, dosage, and how long the medication has been taken. Talk with your doctor about concerns about the medication's effectiveness and consider an alternative. Continue taking the medication until then since a sudden stop could cause some side affects. I started taking Zoloft and Ativan recently and didn't feel it until 2-4 weeks after. I was crying almost everyday until it suddenly stopped but still mentioned it to my doctor, we increased the dose and added another medication. I feel a lot better now but medication is different for everyone

  • R0S1ED0LL


    Try not to take meds on an empty stomach like I did. I used to take my meds before school with just a glass of milk and felt horrible

    • Fangs


      thank you. I appreciate that

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