Anyone have nerve damage after spinal fusion

Generalized pain


Paresthesia of skin

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  • MrsM


    Yes, I do. It's horrible too I hate it. A nerve test/study was done and it all came up. I have a T10 to illium fusion almost 3 years ago and the nerve issues started to show up several months later, and it's been progressively getting worse. How long ago was your fusion surgery?

    • Parrinc


      Feb 1 2022 Just 6 months ago Now I’m miserable

      • MrsM


        you have some healing still ahead of you. It was over a year before I was fully fused. What are you doing to help with the nerve pain, do they think it's permanent too?

  • MrsM


    I'm sorry, it's a terrible thing to have. You have numbness and tingling too? That I learned can be relieved with anything rough on the skin, like one of those scratchy bath mitts. The tops of my legs drive me nuts sometimes. Does ice help?

  • Bill75


    I had neck and spinal surgery several years ago. Since that time have had problems with breathing and overall mobility issues. My respiratory issues are getting progressively worse. I sleep with 2 liters oxygen which is helpful to a degree but not total problem Any suggestions for my issues would be greatly appreciated.

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