They gave me metformin but I just not drinking it cus I m trying my best to have my sugar level on point



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  • E_belli


    I took Metformin around 12 years ago and I found that it helped me with insulin resistance, blood sugar, weight loss and my PCOS. But I had to stop bc it made me violently sick to my stomach, I had bathroom issues and k just had really terrible stomach pains. I tried the brand name of it, glucophage (sp?), and that worked really well for me. It didn't make me sick at all. But I just stopped taking it and all the symptoms came back and in return has presented itself as prediabetes. That’s all to say that it can be an extremely effective med but it does have some rotten side effects for some people. How do you feel on it?

    • Mama_m


      my Dad was the same. I care for him. It does have a nasty side effect. They ended up lowering his dosage and have been monitoring him every 3-6 months. I wish you well and I’m sorry . Stay in a low carb diet and higher protein. That’s what I’ve done with my Dad.

  • xfallprincessx


    I just started metformin to lower my a1c, I'm hoping it helps, haven't gotten sick off it yet

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