Does anyone else with endometriosis have more of the weakness/heavy bleeding aspect of the disease than pain durring periods? I rarely have very painful periods anymore after having kids but I bleed heavily and I hurt durring sex all the has almost never been painless. I just hear all these people with endometriosis complaining of tremendous pain on cycles...don't get me wrong, I do hurt durring ovulation and I've had some very painful cycles but I can go months and even up to a year without a painful one that I can't stand. the weakness and bleeding however are pretty bad every time usually...

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  • Smoores


    My pain is worse during ovulation. I get middle pain severely. Sex is painful for me during certain times of the month and certain positions especially when it presses on my bladder because that’s where I have the most endo seeds

    • ShaeJack21


      my dr said mine is mostly between my bowel and uterus which is why they don't see it on normal scans but I have something going on with my bladder for sure cause it really hurts to have anything put pressure on it 90% of the time...

  • FeenixAsh


    This is how I have been since I had surgery and got a bc implant. Sex and ovulation are much worse than my periods, even the really heavy ones that last for way too long. My PT gave me some light stretching and exercises to help with post-sex pain that help (only a little).

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