My family is trying to get me to start therapy again. I've been in therapy since I was 12 and I genuinely don't feel like it's helping me all that much anymore. I don't want to do it and it feels like a waste of money but they threatened to kick me out if I don't. How can I explain to them that I don't feel that I need it without them thinking I'm off my meds or something?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • michelledevyn


    I'm a huge advocate for therapy, so i generally think that the right kind of therapy and the right therapist is out there for everyone. However, i think sitting them down and explaining what doesn't work in your therapy and the experiences you've had that haven't helped could work. I think it's important to go into the convo with the intention of giving them that knowledge rather than trying to persuade them. I wish you the best, friend

  • smkeaton


    It’s so hard to explain to others that our feelings and actions aren’t always due to our conditions. As soon as I get upset, it’s because I’m bipolar, not due to their actions. It’s an easy way for others to deflect on to me I feel like. I think ultimatums are bullshit. I believe in boundaries instead. You can’t force others into doing what you want. Therapy is a waste of time if you personally don’t want to do it. It takes commitment to oneself to want to change. It could also be the type of therapy you’ve tried that you don’t like. I personally like EMDR more than traditional therapy I’ve been in. I look at therapy as talking to others who are more knowledgeable on the conditions I want to work more on. Learning better coping tools, other perspectives, etc that I couldn’t find on the internet. And just someone to bounce my own thoughts and ideas off of or to vent to from time to time. It is all about what you think is right for you. If you’re in a situation where the people around you don’t and won’t try to understand you and you aren’t in a position to lose your living situation, there are online therapists you can see. At least to get them off your back for awhile until you can move out. Otherwise, give it a shot and tell them how you feel. Ask them what signs/symptoms they have noticed that make them feel the need to force therapy on you. Sometimes others can see our blind spots and help us grow. My husband is resistant to therapy but has made great strides in changing his thoughts and actions. I’ve seen 5 different therapists throughout the past 8 years and have also made progress. I said that to say this: We are all unique and work in our own ways to grow in life. Do what you think is best for YOU. ❤️

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