I'm experiencing my first period since lap surgery for Endo. I've been on birth control for three weeks continuously and am not supposed to menstruate, but here I am. Has anyone else continued to menstruate while on continuous birth control?


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  • Pandora40


    It could just be stress on your body from the surgery. Give yourself atleast another cycle before worrying too much. ❤️

  • Doglover25006


    Just had this talk with my obgyn about bleeding on continuous birth control. He said about 1/3 of pts still bleed. And that it can take 3-6 months on continuous birth control for periods to stop but they should be lighter each month.

  • mandabean


    I've had surgery for endo twice in the last 7 years. After my last surgery in 2019 I had an IUD placed and I haven't had a period at all since placement.

  • a86


    I haven’t had surgery, but I’d assume it depends on where you get surgery, or stress. Then again, could be a coincidence.

  • wise


    you'll usually menstruate once or twice before the continuous bc actually fully stops your period. there may also be the occasional "breakthrough bleeding" which could range from some spotting to a full blown period. give it another month or two and if you're still having periods, talk to your gyno about it

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