Anyone struggling with heart palipitations? I've been dealing with these for 14 years. Its just really hard because I think I'm going to have them for the rest of my life.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • LotusSky


    Most definitely! I have been in and out of the cardiologists trying to figure it out. But everything is normal. Maybe its related to my panic attacks. Idk but it doesn't help my anxiety when they happen because then I hyper fixate on it and throw myself into a panic attack

    • Kidara


      Yeah I've had them for so many years and they never go away, I've also had my heart checked but everything comes back fine. I don't drink caffeine, and I try to walk and get exercise everyday but nothing helps.

  • Demonia


    I've had them forever and it does get better. they're not always present if you're on the right meds or make the right lifestyle changes. I still do have them from time to time though.

  • mtngoat


    Yes and I am diagnosed with PSVT. I take beta-blockers now and the fight-or-flight physical sensation is greatly reduced which improves my anxiety.

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