I am in the process 9f observing and logging symptoms that may relate to PoTS, low blood pressure, or some other condition. I am tracking my sleep, heart rate, stress, water intake, and other odd symptoms like tremors, dizziness, and blood pooling. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting diagnosed, treating symptoms, or just advice in general?





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  • Sunnirie


    As someone in the same boat 19f looking to get diagnosed or to find an answer for my symptoms I’ve seen a lot of people saying that it’s extremely important to get a tilt table test Having logs will definitely help with the right dr in getting you a diagnosis I think your doing an amazing job and good luck !!

    • Swimmingturtle4


      thank you! I'm just worried about the cost of a tilt table test

      • ryce


        If it's ridiculously expensive, you may be able to literally do it yourself if you have access to a tilt / inversion table, a blood pressure cuff and a video camera. Just be sure you have someone there in case you faint!! It is a very simple test though with very simple equipment, it's just embarrassing for the clinic at that point if they overcharge

  • Lunarr


    Your biggest hurdle will probably be finding a doctor that knows what dysautonomia is. I was lucky to stumble onto one early and he diagnosed me after only half a year of symptoms, an unusually quick diagnosis. The initial treatment they will suggest for you is increasing water and salt consumption (I actually recently started on 1 gram salt pills three times a day and it's helping tremendously, kinda mad it took 4 years for a doctor to suggest it lol). They may also prescribe midodrine, fludrocortisone, beta blockers, or some combo of those depending on your symptoms, BP, and heartrate. Doctors will tell you that the upped water and salt usually fixes the issue for many people or that, if you're young, you may grow out of it. This may or may not be true for you so don't give up hope if symptoms persist. Finding a good doctor, usually a cardiologist or neurologist, to prescribe you meds might be your best bet. I'm currently in the process of trying to get a more specific diagnosis bc I've been given conflicting info from a few doctors. I do think it's worth trying to find out what you have in as much detail as possible (POTS, low BP, orthostatic hypo/hypertension, etc) for treatments sake. I've been dealing with this bs for over 4 years now after being told I'd grow out of it, only now are doctors beginning to take me more seriously as my symptoms have become more debilitating. I hope some of this was helpful for you 😊 Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or wanna chat!

  • Lunarr


    Also, I do think it's extremely helpful and important that you're logging all of those things! Doctors will be appreciative, it'll help a lot

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